OMP Eco Seats

Reviewed by: Moises Zee -

Steel non-reclineable buckets, weighs about 6 kilos. Bolted from below.

The pair was previously installed in a Mazda Protege that was totalled. The upholstery was ripped so I decided to have it reuphostered and installed in my Miata. It seemed to fit with just drilling the custom brackets, but it didn't. I tried to file the holes in the bracket for bolting for the floor, but it didn't work, plus the seats were too high and was too steep for comfort. I stripped down the seat and modified added to the lumbar portion. Foam used was at a minimum. I had ro make custom fixed brackets which are just a bit lighter than the stock brackets. It has two parts. One is bolted to the floor on the two rear bolts and is U-shaped. The other part is bolted to the seat which is similar to the stock brackets but with a U-shaped piece on the rear that has four nuts spot welded that is mated to the part that is bolted to the floor. The the bracket bolted to the seat bolts on the floor in front and on the sides in the rear (bolted to the part on the floor). I used black iron which was drilled <review cut off>

The seating position is similar to the stock seats but is tighter, which is how I wanted it to be. The only problem is that it is hard to get in and out of and my knees are hitting the steering wheel if I heel and toe (I'm 6' tall). This could be solved by moving the seat backwards but the height of the seat on the front is too high nd would make stepping on the pedals difficult. I think that this set-up is quite comfortable and looks great because it was upholstered in synthetic leather to match the interior of my car. Also, since the amouint of foam I used was at a minimum, the seats don't look bulky like the Mazdaspeed seats, which I think overwhelms the interior. But if I was to go through it again, I'd just get existing seats and brackets that fit. I'm now looking for ways to make the seat lower.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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