Window protector from Roebuck Mazda

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Rear (Plastic) Window Protector from Roebuck Mazda, Tan

To fit 96M with tan interior and top; cost $39.95; instructions not included. Not an OEM Mazda product, but extremely well-made and surprisingly heavy-duty. Snaps on to standard "boot cover" fittings, covering both top and bottom of the plastic rear window. Then the boot cover snaps on to fittings on the protector. When not in use, the protector has two velcro strips securing the top and bottom flaps, and folds in half for storage.

This is a high quality accessory from a reputable Miata dealer  at a very reasonable price. The fit and finish match the tan interior and top very well.

The only issue with this - and perhaps any - window protector is how well the infamous "boot cover" fits, given that the protector uses the same front snaps. Our 96M boot cover is fortunately one that does not billow or become detached at speed; it also remained secure with this window protector in place. One must be careful to always connect the boot cover's straps to the proper (lower) frame bar; and, pull the edges forward on each side of the boot cover to tension the rear channel fitment.

Reviewed by: keith dailey -

I tired quickly of using the towel technic of trying to protect the rear window in my ' 94 ' miata m- edition . So I ordered a protector from Roebuck Mazda , and have been very pleased . I have heard of many who said that the snaps would not line up correctly . Or that the color did not match with their interior , but every thing worked great in mine. Cost was 40 dollars , and I feel was worth it considering the time and possibly the cost of a new window it may save. Ordered on a monday and recieved on Saturday.

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