Stainless steel instrument faceplate, Performance Products

Reviewed by: Mauricio Castillo -

Thin, highly polished plate of stainless steel with covers the usual black face of the gauge pod giving it a more "retro" look.

It arrived without instructions. When I called them, they were only mildly helpful. This unit is difficult to install. First, remove the plastic covering around the steering column (this is easy as it is held by only 3-4 screws in the bottom). Then, grab the entire pod with two hands and literally yank it out forward. It comes off with a loud noise and I broke one of the pins that hold in it place. Second, remove the clear plastic covering the gauges. This requires pressing some 4-6 pressure tabs around the inner pod (not so easy). Then, the inner pod comes off but it is sealed all around! With a knife, I worked around the clear plastic covering releasing all of the glued (or welded?) spots. I had minor cracks on the clear plastic covering, but no big deal. Clean the metal faceplate really good and glue it to the original faceplate using black silicone glue. It is better to place the glue on the metal plate than on the original faceplate. The metal plate has some openings which have no function (at least in my 1990 Miata). Glue to clear plastic cover to the black (now metal) faceplate using some Crazy glue. Snap the inner pod in to place. Slide and snap the outer pod into place and replace the two screws in its bottom (I forgot to mention that these screws need to come out before yanking out the outer pod!). Reassemble the covering of the steering column. The entire process thakes about 1-1 1/2 hours. You basically need a Philips screwdriver and a pocket knife, Crazy glue, and black silicone glue and a lot of patience!

This product is nice but it is too expensive. It should cost about $50.00 but apparently it comes from Germany.  As expected there is glare from the instrument pod and at times you can even see yourself in it! It is not for everyone and only those who are handy should attempt to install it. 

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