Wiz Stainless Racing Pro Pedal (4-pc set)

Reviewed by: Buzz Schranz - jschranz@uscyber.com

Drilled steel pedals (4) dead, Clutch, brake, accelerator. Price $69.95 Bolt on, some drilling required.

I was never satisfied with the spacing of the stock Miata pedals. I like to heel and toe almost every corner, and the spacing of the Wiz Pro Pedals is perfect. Instead of having to slide my heel slightly toward the accelerator pedal I can now squeeze it with the right side of the foot. The feel is the best (and the action the easiest) ever. Also, the look is, well, racy.

They are mildly adjustable, although this is limited by the bracing at the back of the clutch and brake pedals. A few holes need to be drilled, but the installation of all four pedals only took about a half hour. Not cheap, but worth the money.