Akimoto Funnel Ram Filter

Reviewed by: Harry Berzes - harcort@primenet.com

similar to K&N Filtercharger except for plastic "aero" insert in your choice of colors.

Substantial increase in performance from 4k rpm to redline. Growl and slight turbine like whistle under full throttle acceleration not as boomy as the K&N induction I used on my CRX.

10 minute install,clean chrome brace. Trick is to take the mass airflow sensor off and put on the workbench. The rubber reducer sleeve goes on the M A S first, then you plug it into the Akimoto. A nice easy no brainer install! Purchased from roquester werks in Florida at 1/2 the cost of a K&N Filtercharger. This is for the 1.8l Miata. Best bang for the buck...no ifs ands or buts.