Apex i Catback Exhaust

Reviewed by: Scott Kirkham - mrmiata@icx.net

Apex i catback exhaust. Consists of two pieces. Pipe w/resonator from cat. Muffler section with 4" polished stainless tip and polished muffler can. Tip is angled and slash cut, with manufacturer's logo engraved on the side.

I drove down to RSpeed to have my new birthday present, an Apex i catback exhaust, installed. Upon arriving, Hector and I found a place that could weld the oxygen sensor receiver into the forward section of the exhaust. We returned with the beautiful purple piece and installed it. Hardest part about the install was removing and connecting the O2 sensor. The exhaust hung perfectly the first time, centered well within the bumper cutout. Didn't have to bend anything to make it work. Went for a drive immediately afterwards. Though it was raining, I could definitely tell a difference. SOTP reveals a little more horsepower, but the SOUND!!! Man oh man, the SOUND!!! This car took on a different personality with the new sound. Deep, throaty burble at idle. Sounds like a monster when wide open. I find myself cruising at 70 on the interstate in 4th gear, just to hear the exhaust. Bridges, tunnels and alleyways are a brand new experience. I feel like such a hooligan, winding the engine up and roaring through the underpass on the way home every day from work. Granted, there's a little bit of drone at 3k, but it doesn't drone as badly as some exhausts I have heard. It grows progressively louder as it gets hot, taking on a serious snarl under acceleration when at full operating temperature. I had debated the Jackson in my mind, but I went with the Apex i. I'm glad I did. I'd recommend this exhaust to anyone that is looking for a fairly quiet exhaust at idle and while cruising, while also looking for something that can roar when prompted. Heat up an Apex i and get ready for the aural ride of your life.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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