BSP Intercooler for the Sebring Super Charger

[7/10/2001] Reviewed by: Harry Thompson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Water to Air Intercooler kit for the Sebring SuperCharger.

Product performs better than expected.

1 Hour "Spirited drive" home from work. Ambient temps @ 85f / Hum 55%: WOT - 12 lbs - the Before IC temps maxed @ 225. The After IC temps would hover around 120F (+-2 deg). The After IC temps were *SO* unbelievably stable that I thought the FM temp gauge might be stuck? I (pulled over) switched the before/after leads and , in fact, confirmed that the gauge *was* working fine! I am extremely, extremely pleased with this IC kit! One last test: When I got home I just let the car Idle. The before IC temps settled to 175 deg F. And the after IC temp hit 125f and settled to 120f after about 20 minutes. Remained at a *solid* 120f until I shutoff the car! I installed the kit exactly as BSP specified. But I did need to wire the AC fan to operate because the resulting blockage from the cooling unit did make my car run warmer. I *really* should have done this with the stock Sebring kit. Even when *avoiding* boost to prevent grenading the engine (W/O I/C), I would! hit 200f - 225f!!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Peter Ramiscal -

I wanted to comment on Brain Storm's move to LA, CA. Its about time. Finally a high performance Miata source that you can drive to. I met with Roshan Harilela, he is the owner, manager. These people are very informative, and helpful. I was picking up a low profile style bar when Harilela showed me their new water cooled intercooler for the Sebring. What can I say, its about time folks. This unit with all of its brackets and pumps fits behind the left hand side of the radiator and is fed by a pump which gets its coolant from your overflow container, (ingenious). This set up is top notch and has been on his car for over a year with no problems. You might ask what are the benefits, Are you ready for this, try 14degrees advance timing with an outside temp. of 90 degrees with no pinging on 92 octane. Matched up with the 2" or 2.5" pulley's at 9lbs of boost and your stock Miata, (I say stock in reference to the internal components of the engine) is putting out over 200horsepower. That's right, and its all smog legal. This kit is still in the testing stage, so if you want one, you have to call them and get your name on their intercooler list like I did. I thought that I might upgrade to a autoroter or aerocharger turbo unit which puts out around 180horses, but we all know that living in CA. that's smog illegal, but now I don't have to anyway. Thumbs up to BrainStorm.

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