Dynomax Catback

[3/29/2002] Reviewed by: Anonymous

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Dynomax Super Turbo Performance Muffler (2 1/2")

Dynomax mufflers are found most everywhere and advertise their flow deflectors as what makes the difference. So far the muffler flows well, not as good as a straight pipe or as a straight through muffler however, it allowes quiet power.

Quieter that Flowmaster mufflers (40 Series) with basically the same performance. No drone nice deep idle. True, the quality is not top notch and the materials are so-so but, for $40 who how can I complain?

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Shawn Pasley - gs03asp@panther.gsu.edu

A new exhaust system from the "cats" to the muffler tip.

As my experience with other Dynomax products, this one was extremely good.It took my friend and I about an hour to do it all, just joking around for a while too.Everything came with it that I needed, and it was a perfect fit.I like to paint the pipes with high heat paint as maybe to protect them a little from the elements.I highly recomend this kit.The sound is great, the more it runs the better it sounds.It isn't very much louder than stock, and it has this growl I haven't heard before in a miata, I mean it sounds GOOD!Oh and we had to cut the old pipe to remove it.

I do not own a miata, it was my friends' 94 and he doesn't have that much car Knowledge.I own a 92 Taurus SHO, I have the dynomax kit on mine-consider yourself lucky, the Miata is only two pieces mine was five.My friend hasn't access to a computer so I thought I would post it for him.

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