Flo-Pro Muffler

Reviewed by: Patrick Burnett - pmburnett@aol.com

This is a low-profile low restriction exhaust. It has no packing; instead it uses acoustic cancelling to quiet the exhaust. It was recommended by my local exhaust shop (Exhaust Pro)as a lower-price alternative to a flowmaster muffler.

I had this product installed today for three reasons. First, my factory exhaust tip was in poor condition after only 25K miles. Second, I hated being able to see the muffler canister under the rear of my 99 sport package; the rest of the exterior design is so clean. Third, I wanted an increase in performance for a bargain price. The install needs to be dne by a shop. On my car I had the center resonator removed and replaced with straight pipe the same diametr as the factory exhaust. Then, I had the muffler installed. Finally, I had a 3.5" resonator s/s round tip installed. This muffler is very loud and raspy for the first five minutes. After that, the tone settles into a noticeably louder and deeper growl than the factory exhaust. This is not objectionable, but it is definitely there. While cruising it is a pleasnt burble; not much drone. However, under full throttle this muffler makes you feel like a hooligan.

Inexpensive: $89.95 installed (add $20 for resonator tip). Good quality. I have noticed some extra power in the top of the power band (5k and beyond). I would probably have noticed more of a difference had I not simultaneously installed 17x7.5 wheels and 205/40/17 and added at least 50 lbs. of unsprung weight. Inexpensive upgrade alternative to more expensive systems. I am satisfied that I am probably getting 90% of the improvement of higher priced systems since I effectively have a new mid-pipe and muffler. Best of all, the only thing visible on my car is a huge S/S exhaust tip! It looks great and sounds pretty good. Just don't power out of your driveway at 5:00 a.m. before the muffler has had a chance to warm-up!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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