Hayward & Scott double twin exhaust +4:1 header

[8/26/2003] Reviewed by: Mark Morgan - marktmorgan@yahoo.com

A double twin exhaust system in 304 stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee. Coupled with a custom made 4:1 performance manifold

Because I have an automatic I couldn't buy an aftermarket header/exhaust manifold in prospect of mee going JRSC in the near future. My only option was to have one custom made. They modelled it on the Boig header to my specifications. The car now flies and I can honestly say that I'm running about 20 BHP higher...and remember we don't have to have a cat on pre 93 cars in the UK :)

Looks beautifully modest and understated (much like me) and the cut-out for the 2nd set of pipes is perfect. 4 x 2" rolled in pipes give way more outlet than anything else out there. Tested at 360 cfm output with 3psi back pressure. It is VERY loud (read TVR here) and I'm going back to let them fit a glasspack/resonator there are pics up on my website: www.mx5-zone.com/mark.html thier website www.haywardandscott.co.uk The cost £1300 so around $2000. Honest it was the voices that made me do it!! :)

Not an installed item

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