Pace charge cooler

[9/12/2001] Reviewed by: Lars Svatdal -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Air/water intercooler for the Sebring supercharger

During the last 3 years I have installed a Sebring supercharger, blown one engine, installed the boost upgrade on the supercharger, the link ecu, larger injectors, new filter, and finally, the pace air/water intercooler. The reason for installing the intercooler was that with my modification I had to retard the timing a lot to prevent knock. This had to do with the heat produced from the boost upgrade of the supercharger. I tried to relocate the filter in front of the grille, helped a little. I tried even colder plugs, didn't help. So I talked to Bill at Flyin Miata, and he tipped me about the pace charge cooler. This cooler is the cheapest of the 3 i found on the net, and it seemed to be ok, so I went for this one.

After installing it my timing goes way up, the torque is remarkably much better. I have been using the gtech pro meter during my installations, and even thought it may not be an absolute correct measurement, my car went from approx 135 rwhp to 155 rwhp after installing the chargecooler. Before installing the chargecooler mye boost gauge read about 9+ psi, after only 8 psi, but who cares when the power goes up ? By the way, my Miata is an European 1.6 litre that came with stock 90 hp. I would definitely recommend this to every supercharged Miata. Its good for the engine with cooler air, and as a bonus you get more power. I have the link ecu that makes sure that i get enough fuel though.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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