Polar Power Cold Air Induction Kit

Reviewed by: Rick Carter - MDColnago@aol.com

A replacement kit for the entire intake system

I had already changed the stock intake to the Greddy filter kit, but the long stock intake tubing really bothered me. I have a Gude Performance aftermarket throttle body, and I felt that the stock plastic intake piece really held up airflow. I spent a Sunday trying to figure out how I could build something to replace it without having to re-wire the mass air sensor (air flow meter or whatever). I finally came up with an idea, but it just presented itself with more problems. Than I looked at the new Miata Magazine that I had picked up at a local Mazda dealer. R-Speed mail order had exactly what I was thinking of designing! This intske uses a K&N filter attached to the meter, a NEW intake tube that relocates the small air hoses for the cam cover and throttle body idle sensor, with another new tube behind that. I installed it carefully in less than an hour (since I had already known how to remove all the pieces).

The product is well thought out, and the intake tubes are flexible, and the mount for the air sensor is dampened to avoid shock from the engine. It puts the filter just behind the headlight assembly, and even gives you a plate to relocate the hood pole. As far as performance, i also installed a Racing Beat header the same day, and with the G-Tech performance accelerometer I noticed a 12 HP at the rear wheel gain over the last test run I had did. A lot of that can be attributed to the header, but not all of it. With these things and other modifications it is now running a 15.8 at 88mph, and searching for more! The intake is definitely recommended, and at about $300.00 it is about the same as the Jackson or Racing Beat, and uses a better overall intake system. Plus you can get the tubing in colors!

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