Random Technologies High Flow Cat.

Reviewed by: Rick Carter - MDColnago@aol.com

A replacement high-flow catalytic convertor from Random Technologies in GA. Available for 1.8 or 1.6

I ordered the cat after reading about high flow cats in Turbo and High Tech Magazine (a great publication). It cost a little over two hundred bucks with a bit extra for new gaskets and hardware (recommended as my old ones were rusted shut). It was a direct bolt in, but because of the rusted bolts on the old one, I had my mechanic put it on (he had to cut the old bolt and cat off.....) Didn't notice a huge change in anything, but fealt a bit better through some of the powerband. It is hard to tell though.

NOTE : It is against federal regulations to replace the cat without a good reason (over 50,000 miles or damaged). I was right at 50,000 miles when I did it, so I can squeek by with the replacement. If you decide to put one on (and I do recommend it to help free up the exhaust even more - especially important if you are searching for that extra tenth of a second in any type of racing and you drive the car daily), bare in mind the legal side. With a jack and the right tools, it would only take about half an hour to do.

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