Rhino Muffler

Reviewed by: Tyra Pierce - tpierce@lib.drury.edu

A racing muffler that will fit the Miata.

After reading all reviews on Miata.net, I thought that I'd take a chance on a muffler that I purchaced in the city where I lived. Several muffler shops in town sold the Rhino Muffler. I was hoping to get the same sound and performance as a Borla without paying the stainless steel price.

I had the muffler installed for $105 including the $68.95 I paid for the muffler. After driving for about a week, I have mixed feelings about the product. According to the muffler shop manager, the Rhino Muffler is a racing muffler that is usually put on cars with much larger engines or pickups. The manager assured me that I would like the sound because it was louder than stock, but not as loud as a glass-pack. In a sense, he was right.

I have noticed an increase in power and approximately a 3MPG improvement. The main problem is the sound. The best description is tinny and raspy. I had a LARGE tip installed with the muffler, and this seems to lower the tone somewhat, but I keep picturing a large chainsaw when I rev.

I'm not quite sure if I could recommend the Rhino Muffler to another Miata owner or not. It is a definate improvement over the stock muffler, and it's definately a value compared to the Borla or Ansa. I guess if performace and value are more important than sound, I would recommend this product. Personally, I think I'm going to sell the muffler and have a Borla or Ansa installed.

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