RS-R Catback System

Reviewed by: Tom Mac - Tmac451394

RS-R exhaust system directly from Japan with 4" oval angle cut tip

Totally happy w/ the system. Little more expensive than other system out there but I think it's worth it. It stands out from the rest of other Miata.

Installation is simple. Total of 45 minutes for removal & installation. THe kit comes with 2 gaskets & neccesary hardwares. RS-R makes Racing Beat System but the one that I bought is from Japan Specifications. It looks quite different than Racing Beat catback system. Very well constructed 304 ss with powder coated pipe & polished muffler & tip. System used original hangers. Looks awesome and growls deeper than original. Not loud at all to be annoying. Acceleration is a bit quicker & smoother with HKS intake. The system cost around $575.00 includes delivery.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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