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[3/27/2002] Reviewed by: Mark Morgan -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Cold Air induction system for N/A cars that resites the airfilter in front of the radiator and the Air flow Meter behind the radiator. Using a custom made rubber connector which connects the AFM to the air intake manifold and rubberised 70mm (core) ducting from the AFM to the resited air filter (RAMAIR)

I was intrigued in seeing an advert for this product in the UK club magazine (Hardtop Soft-top) They guaranteed a min of 8BHP at the flywheel and up to 14 possible!! Having an auto which is a lower BHP car I thought I'd redress the balance. Drove 80 miles (near the USAF base at Mildenhall) and fitting took about 1 hour. The ducting goes through the round hole on the right side of the bonnet release) is rubberised and of high quality, the RAM Air filter is the largest you could conceivably get in the space. Immediately I noticed a difference in lower end torque with flat spots ironed out. Also gone is the asthmatic breathing some drivers seem to favour from the K&N filter I replaced. The noise now is like a turbine that makes the car sound like it's electric. Though as I have a decatted exhaust with and that's resonant enough!! Also note you will not now be able to 'drop shut' your bonnet due to the pipe instead gently pushing on the front outer p! art of the bonnet to shut.

Free's up lots of space on the right side of the engine. You have to appreciate that the stock filter for the 5/miata/roadster is in the wrong place taking hot air from directly above the exhaust manifold/header. With a temperature sensor wired up to the new set-up I'm getting readings of 40 degrees C colder than it's previous position (at 70 MPH) with the engine running hot. I've been told that the AFM which has been remounted on it's side could be detrimental as the flap is not gravity assisted anymore. However a recent run produced an ave of 37 MPG and 317 miles on a tank so I think everythings pretty much working. I do intend to retard my timing back to 12 degrees (from 14) as the ECU will no doubt be mixing more fuel to compensate for the extra cold air. The product is only available in the UK but they may do mail order. Scole can be contacted on 01379 740 940. If anyone wants to see some pictures please feel free to email me at marktmorgan@y!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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