Stromung exhaust for 1999 Miata

Reviewed by: Gino Verzosa -

Black aluminzed muffler with 3.5" resonated, polished and angled tip. The can being much smaller than stock..

Installation was a breeze. The hardest part is removing the stock muffler, but I finally got wise and used some soapy water. If I would have done this to begin with, it would have cut the installation time in half. Once I got the stock muffler off, slipping the new Stromung in place took about 2 minutes. The holes in the exhaust flange didn't quite line up with the bolts, so I had to use a dremel to shave off about a tenth on each opening  so that the bolts could pass through snuggly.

Sound and performance:
When starting the car, you can hear a definate deep, throaty, booming sound. But when driving the car cold, you can hardly tell the difference from the stockmuffler. The sound of the fan belts under the hood seem to be loader. As it gets hot the muffler start bellowing a deep,throaty sound under acceleration. I find however that even when hot that the sound is not consistant, one minute there is this beautiful deep bellow, the next minute its sounding stock again. As for performance, I think there is a definate power increase at higher speeds such as when passing cars in freeways. I've even heard my 215/40/16 tires squeek at standing starts and not intending to.

Overall the Muffler is OK. $310.00 + plus shipping is a bit much. But hay, nothing is to good for my baby.

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