Thrush Turbo Muffler

Reviewed by: Kelly Riley

Just your average steel, inexpensive, high flow muffler.

I must admit that I am totally impressed with this rather simple and inexpensive upgrade. $65 with a decent chrome tip, including installation. Although I already had a "high flow" cat on the car, the addition of the muffler alone,(stock pipes), showed an additional 3psi of boost over the factory muffler, with the wastegate setting I was running. Immediatly after leaving the muffler shop, I wound the car up and it bounced off the MAP limit on the FM-ECU, which was set at 220kpa,(around 16psi). Before, I was only showing around 13psi. After re-adjusting the wastegate setting, the boost definatly builds up considerably quicker. It is unbeleivable how restrictive the factory muffler is. The audible tone of this setup is seemingly no different than stock, accept you can actually hear a mad rush of air,[from over your right shoulder], exiting the tip under hard acceleration. I'm impressed!

If your in the market for some additional performance, and are not up to spending a substantial amount of money to get it, then this is the muffler for you. Stainless and polished is nice, but I chose to put my money into other go fast goodies. Besides, the only thing you can see is the tip anyway,(which does look good). Bottom line is I'd be suprised if anyone who chose to give this muffler a shot ended up being dissapointed. Even so, it's only $65 anyway.

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