GReddy/Trust GRACER Airinx

Reviewed by: Troy L. Starner -

Blue conical filter and adapter kit made to replace the very restrictive stock filter box.

After installing the Airnix I took the car for a hard test run and noticed a considerable change in acceleration. The acceleration was greatly noticed above 5k RPM. It also made a change in the sound of the car. The car now has a noticeable grown under hard acceleration.

The only problem I had installing the system was that a bolt was left out. I also had to drill a hole in the heat sheild, but the install still took less than an hour.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Fletch -

Funnel type intake with metal mesh cage and foam filter element.

I bought this filter off a Greddy turbo purchaser who elected to keep the K&N FIPK they already had. It matches the description others have made (black steel mesh, blue foam) so it is probably the same item...Others have already mentioned the great sound and reasonable power increase.

I am concerned at how well this filter actually removes contaminants from the air. The foam is quite open, and I'm worried that only big particles get filtered. I previously had a Jamex panel filter (also reviewed here) that had three layers of foam in increasing density to capture dust, and it was oiled too. The Greddy filter is as open as only the coursest layer of the Jamex.

I have been using the Greddy oiled for extra protection, but even so, My engine (85k miles, Greddy fitted at 55k) now uses oil (not too much, but some), and puts out a visible puff of smoke at gear changes, where it didnt before. Sure, this may just be an age thing and not be related to the airfilter, and I havent removed it, so obviously, I'm not (too)dissatisfied.

Still, more power, better noise, what price?

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Stuart Jones -

Blue foam conical air filter in a black metal mesh housing. Needs to be ordered with adapter kit to connect intake piping to air meter to the filter.

Installation is super-easy. Instructions are written in Japanese, but illustrations are very well done and provide more than enough information to do the install. Only problem with the install came in attaching the aluminum (?) heatshield; one of the mounting holes was slightly off and had to be drilled out. Even still, it only took about 45 minutes to install (including time to loosen the front splashpan to recover a dropped bolt). Intake looks great sitting in the engine bay; fit and finish is, aside from having to redrill a mounting point for the heatshield, excellent.

intake to get rid of the horribly restrictive stock airbox for better power and sound. I don't have any experience with the other units, but the Airinx delivers the goods in both categories. Before getting this unit, I had removed the lower half of the stock airbox and wired the remains in place. Or at least I thought I did; eventually, the wiring came loose and the airbox fell against the exhaust manifold, melting a palm-sized hole in the housing (ergo purchasing the Airinx). That setup had made wonderful, sonorous noises under hard throttle but was fairly quiet otherwise. Not so the GReddy. It doesn't growl in quite the same way as the modified factory airbox, but the volume of the growl is definitely louder. There's also a /very/ nice hissing sound at idle and a distinct whistle at all other throttle positions, especially noticable on decreasing throttle. Jumping on and off the throttle anywhere from 4k to 7k RPM results in a very rallye car-like symphony of growls, whistles, and hisses. I can't quantify any changes in available power, but it feels like an improvement to me; apparently better torque over the whole rev range, and seems to rev much quicker above 5k RPM than before, which shows evidence in my mind that it's working a /lot/ better than the stock setup.

Reviewed by: Mike Dragneff -

An Intake system for 1.6L, and 1.8L Miatas which replaces the stock intake snorkel, and air box assembly. Provides more cool air to engine and lets engine rev faster. And makes any Miata scream! Made by Trust of Japan, and imported by GReddy.

The GRACER Airinx system was designed for right hand drive Miatas, from Japan, so the fit is very tight. The product needs to be ordered with the adaptor set, you will need it. Some companies sell it as a kit. The instructions are in Japanese, but anyone that knows what a wrench looks like can easily install this intake.

The sound is loud, and throaty, the loudest yet! I've had K&N, and HKS, but this one is loudest yet, even louder than my exhaust? Great if you want your engine to sound like a monster! Install time is about 15-30 minutes depending on experience.

Trust GRACER Airinx Air Filter

Reviewed by: Vince Wu -

An air funnel-filter that replaces the stock air filter box. It provides less restricted air flow to the engine.

I had no problems with the GRACER Airinx so far. It improves HP (and torque?) right off the bat...barely noticeable, but noticeable. Once the filter is installed, on the second gear (and up), a nice growl can be heard. However, some people don't like growls...

I've been told by "Minnam Racing" that this product works a bit better than the HKS or K&N air filter products. The blue poly-urethane foam inside the black funnel wire mesh requires no future replacement. When it gets dirty, just rinse it out with warm water and soap. The appearance of the filter IMO looks better than the HKS or K&N or Akimoto air filters. The installation can be done by self, under 1 hour. It shouldn't even take more than 1/2 hour in fact. Simple installation. The instructions are in Japanese however, but if self looks at the diagrams, it should'nt be too hard for anyone to follow installation procedures.

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