Turbo Tuff cat-back exhaust system

Reviewed by: Pavel (Paul) Klein - kleinpa@vit-su.ccmail.vitro.com

All 304 stainless-steel exhaust system for 1.6 and 1.8 liter engines. System incorporates 2.25" pipes, muffler and 4" diameter polished tip (very nice). There is no resonator between the cat. convertor and muffler like the original set-up, however, the exhaust tip does incorporate some sort of resonator.

Two-piece system is very easy to install. All bolts and gasket are included in the package. Existing rubber hangers and mounting points are utilized. Total time to install was under two hours, which included removing the stock system (bolts were not rusted to the convertor). Tools required include ramps (or jack & stands), 14mm socket with extension, 14mm wrench, various screwdrivers (for prying off the rubber hangers), sillicone spray (makes removal/installation of hangers easier). The system fit wery well, no modification to the system or car was necessary. The larger-than-stock tip fits the opening in the bumper very well, giving the car a more agressive appearance.

The system, installed on a 1994 R model, is louder than stock, with a deeper exhaust note at all revs. Together with a K&N funnel-type airfilter, the engine is more responsive above 4,000 rpm., I would estimate about 10 extra hp. The sound is pleasing, a little deeper and not a "raspy" as a Borla-system installed car I had a chance to test-drive. If a quiter sound is prefered, I imagine that the Jackson Racing system, which has a resonator between the convertor and muffler, like the stock system, might be a better choice.

Reviewed by: Martin Folb - (510) 548-2081

IMP Turbo Tuff cat back exhaust system. Bought through IMP in Atlanta GO. Includes intermediate piping from catalyst converter to rear muffler, gasket, and Turbo Tuff rear silencer with 3.5 inch chrome tip. All stainless steel.

After having a little trouble getting the package due to UPS error I received the unit in a strong cardboard box packaged thoughroughly so as not to scratch. Once open I realized I had made the right decision going for the IMP product. The manufacturing quality was awesome! Double welded on industrial strength stainless steel. Large piping and bracketing used everywhere. The rear tip is beautifully matched to the Miata rear. I intalled the exhaust as follows. Jacked the car up on all four sides. Removed the two bolts at the cat and realized, as I had been told, that I had to cut the stock pipe at the muffler to free the unit from the strut bar structure at the rear of the car. This was simple and easy. Once off I realized the difference in product quality between old and new. I realized I was getting a racing quality product. Bolted the intermediate pipe straight onto the old gasket with ample gasket maker. Then bolted the rear silencer onto the pipe and tightened all rubber mountings. Entire job took 45 minutes once car was jacked. Started her up and cherished the new tone. Absolutely marvelous! Went for a drive around Berkeley hills and really felt a huge mid-upper range improvement. Breathing all round was enhanced. Really opened up the Akimoto air induction unit as well. Finally it was working to spec and no longer has as mutch restrictive breathing as with the stock exhaust. I recommend this unit to any Miata fan who enjoys quality and that awesome racing sound that comes with a Japanese 16v inline four. People really notice me now, especially Hondas and Acuras. When I floor the car in any gear I am rewarded with a pure sound and pure power which before I merely craved. Thankyou IMP for taking the engineering time to create this masterpiece.

Reviewed by: Kurt Selbert - mx5@ix.netcom.com

Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System, 2.25" pipe with 3" Tailpipe

Just got it put on yesterday.

After looking at different exhaust sytems and talking to owners and listening to their cars, I settled on the exhaust system for me. Unfortunately, it was no longer in production. Enter the Peter Farrell and Turbo Tuff systems, which for all intensive purposes, appear to be the same. I'd heard the Peter Farrell system and decided to get one. Only problem was, PFS was out of them and none were in sight. However, Performance Buyers Club, which I found out is located about 15 miles from my house, had the Turbo Tuff system and I bought it.

I was most impressed with the service of PBC due not only to the nice people, but because they offered to install the system for me right there at their shop, free of charge. Ahhhh, the nice price!

Thirty minutes later and my car sounded fantastic. The Turbo Tuff system is not only extremely well made but is gorgeous to look at and sounds incredible. The car ('93) has a low, deep, soulfull, roar to it that is heavenly. Exactly what I had hoped and more. Not only do I whole heartedly recommend the Turbo Tuff system, but PBC as well. I'll make more purchases from them in the near future. They've earned my complete business. If I can find access to proper recording gear, I will make a recording of my car so that anyone comtemplating the Turbo Tuff system can hear what it sounds like. I'm sure no one will be dissapointed!