Z-Engineering Supercharger for '99 Miata.

[8/6/2002] Reviewed by: Christopher Gullia - cgullia@prodigy.net

Applicable to: '99 +

Recently reviewed in Miata Magazine('02 Summer issue). Provides a great alternative to the Jackson Racing Supercharger, easy to install with clear, easy to understand instructions complete with photographs. While new to the Miata aftermarket, they have been using this blower on Volkswagens for years. Advertised as producing 7lbs of boost, this system delivers as promised. The system includes a ECU chip that takes care of fuel delivery & timing issues. Check the website for a complete description... www.z-engineeringusa.com

Overall, The supercharger installed and performed as described. Nik at Z-engineering was very helpful and attentive to my questions. The power is progressive the boost increases with the revs, roughly 1 lb of boost for every 1000 rpm. The blower is a centerfugal, cast aluminum affair manufactured in Switzerland. The quality is first rate and should provide many years of service. It took me a little over 3 hours to install with basic tools. As a novice mechanic, all I needed to buy was a 8mm Allen-head socket.

I would recommend this superchager to anyone wishing to get more performance reliably with easy installation and without costly upgrades to achieve maximum boost potential. I autocross regularly and have pushed the system to the limit without any problems. I will update this review downthe road. I plan on installing a boost gauge soon and a dyno run when I can find one. One note of caution: Be careful to allow plenty of clearance for the a/c hoses when installing the crank pulley. Under pressure, the hoses may push out, causing a hole in a hose from rubbing against the pulley. Otherwise, the best power mod I done to date. This unit has a OEM look and the performance is second to none in the forced induction aftermarket. Should give Jackson Racing a run for thier money.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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21 August, 2002