5 Zigen Border III Exhaust System

Reviewed by: Ken Sinlao - kengina@san.rr.com

5 Zigen Border III Cat-back exhaust system. 2 3/8" piping with resonator and polished stainless steel canister with a 4" tip. Mid pipe coated with a special black material to resist corosion.

Once installed I was a bit disappointed about the "adult tone" generated from the exhaust. It actually seemed to be more quite than the factory system. After a couple hundred miles of use (about the same time the smell of burnt paint finally disappeared), the exhaust tone had changed. Not much louder than stock at idle with a deeper sound, but a definite deeper, throatier roar than the OEM setup on full throttle or engine braking. I have heard a Borla system, which to me sounds like a system with a straight pipe and glasspack! I can not tell you I noticed a difference in power (4-5HP?; who can really tell a difference with that increase anyway!). Overall, I'm pleased with the sound and great looks and knowing that I have something different (and it's japanese too), but it cost more than most systems out there! $500+!!!

Oh, BTW! I surely can't believe a cat-back system or header can give you 10+ HP on a stock motor Miata with a couple bolt-ons like a lot companies claim.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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