Blazer  Lights

[8/22/2003] Reviewed by: david c. lim -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

blazer accessory driving light installed under 30 min by mechanic friend. lights are inexpensive so I don't mind paying someone to do it.

good, use it during daytime too as daytime driving light.55watt halogen bulb has fairly long lifespan.(has not change original bulb)Get the one that is all chrome so it will not crack. Can$35.00+15%tax

installed in mouth of miata MAZDA DOES NOT RECOMMEND IT IN THAT LOCATION FOR AUTOMATIC CARS. remove the tie down ?racks on both sides of mouth to increase air flow to engine bay. I use miata OEM switch to keep things orginal. Larger diameter than catz and piaa makes it more prominent at night. Bright enough for city driving w/o having to use flipup headlights. (Not sure if it is legal)I use flipups for highways as it gives a wider beam of light. I have Bosch accessory driving light in my 94' 626 V6 and find the lights much brighter and project farther,however it is too big to fit into mouth.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Tim Biggs from Canada -

Blazer Hott-lite 55w projector lights

55watt mini-projector lights mounted in the mouth of my '90 miata.

Installation of this product was not easy for two reasons: firstly, I'm terribly in-experienced with electric stuff and secondly the light set was not Miata-specific and didn't take into account the placement of the battery. That said , the instructions, though BASIC , did explain the install process and patience and common-sense did the rest. I did have to splice an extension to the hot wire to reach the battery and I forgot to tape the exposed connection...this touched the metal of the body, creating a ground and almost started a fire...ooops. But that was the only real problem.

Mounting the switch was easy and looks stock...I did have to buy a different one as the original looked like a military application. All in all I'm satisfied with this product. It makes the car more racy-looking without being boy-racer tacky. And the pat-yourslf-on-the-back factor is large as well (though my friend Paul helped a bit). I would recommend these lights.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Lee Bohon -

Blazer Projector Driving Lights

I bought these lights for a steal at Big Lots! (only $20). I've also seen the same lights at Walmart for $40. The box they come in shows them installed in a miata.

Using the existing screws at the top side of the miata mouth, the lights mount very easily. I also used the self adhesive strips to strengthen the mounting. Wiring in general for fog/driving lights is typically pretty easy for most models. I decided not to use the switch that came with it because it was ugly and wouldn't look right on the dash. Instead, I wired the lights to come on when ever the parking lights were on.

Aligning the lights was not very difficult, however it took a little time and patience to get it just right. In the process of tightening one of the adjustment bolts, my hand slipped and broke the plastic housing from the metal housing on one of the lights. This was easily repaired with some silicon adhesive. In fact, it made it better! The other light tends to get a little moisture inside (so I plan to "break" it too someday).

These lights are powered by 35 watt bulbs so they are not as bright as PIAAs or other high end lights. The materials are not as robust as PIAAs, either. However, these lights are worth every bit of the $20 I spent. Look great and light up the road quite a bit more. I have no plans on replacing them with PIAAs... they quenched my thirst for driving lights.

Reviewed by: Kevin Morrison -

These are the lights for those who don't want to spend 150 dollars for PIAA or CATZ. They are halogen projector-type driving lights. I got mine at Discount Auto Parts for $40. Total install time - about 30 minutes.

The lights mount fairly easily in the mouth of the Miata. I have a grille installed so I could not use the existing bolt holes that are usually used. The Blazers come with an adhesive mount that keeps you from drilling holes in your car. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get them un-stuck though.

Wiring them up was pretty easy, but I have pretty small arms that I was able to get through the holes in front of the radiator (I did lose some skin). Otherwise, installing these with a grille in place would have been very difficult. You would probably have to remove the shroud from below the engine and do it from below. I also had to use a Dremel tool to trim out two notches at the bottom of my grille to allow the wiring connectors to pass through. Mine are plugged right into the blue auxiliary connector to the right of the engine, so they come on with the ignition. They come with a switch, but I don't think it would look right in the cockpit so I would recommend getting the OEM switch if you want to turn them off. The lights are very bright and project a very tight beam. Mine got some water in them during a long drive in the rain causing the bulbs to explode violently. I replaced the bulbs ($10 each at any parts store) and they are fine now. I sealed the enclosures better with silicone. I don't know if that will continue to be a problem with these lights.

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