Brainstorm EB1 Driving lights

[11/14/2000] Reviewed by Gil Mikalian -

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A pair of driving lights to be installed in the mouth of the Miata. Included a fuse-holder (that MELTED), wiring and a relay/switch.

HORRIBLE experience. The lighting was uneven. I don't mean the aiming, I mean aiming straight, but the beam patterns were different. The fuse holder MELTED in the first week of ownership. The fuse tap was wrong (like the other reveiwer's experience) so I decided to run a line from the battery. The lighting was anemic and unimpressive. One of the bulbs burnt after about 5 months of ownership.

These lights are crap. $70 for a plastic case, some wiring, & a switch. This could not have cost BSP more than $30 to put together, and if it did, THEY got ripped off. I gave BSP the opportunity to make me happy and they offered to know off $10 off a new set of lights. They no longer carry the EB1's. Guess they got tired of hearing the complaints.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Ernie Cline -

Small 55watt driving lights that come with a switch, and all wiring.

The EB lights (enhanced brightness??) are small 55watt halogen lights, that come in a kit, complete for the miata. I ordered a kit for my 1997 MX-5. The kit went very smoothly, and I took my time and checked everything multiple times, so it took me a little over an hour. I probably could do it again in less time. Of course, I had to run to the hardware store, as the fuse tap suplied was for the older style miatas ('94+ have microfuses, I believe. Mine did anyway).

I bought a kit of small electronic stuff for about $4, and I was back installing. Drilling the hole for the switch was a bit scary, as I didn't want a large hole in my center console, if I screwed it up. I braced the console over a piece of wood,and used a 3/4inch drill bit, originally designed for wood (hey, it worked). I trimmed it a bit with my trusty exacto knife, and the switch went in very easily after that, and looks very good. I used the location supplied in the kit, and mentioned on the web page. Looks good, but you can't see the switch when the e-brake is down. However at night, I can tell the lights are on from the small red reflection off my voodoo knob. It is hardly noticeable unless you look at it, and not distracting at all.

These lights are bright! They look brighter than my stock low beams, but I guess thats because they are more focused. My only beef with the product is the aforementioned fuse tap (not a big deal, but the lady I ordered them from did ask for what year Miata I had), and maybe something in the instructions about aiming the lights. I was at sears later that night buying a watch, and I used their wall to better aim the lights. I have them a little lower than the stock low beams, and there is a lot of fillin light, it makes for a much better driving experience at night, and as they are on a switch, you can leave them on when its twilight, or raining, or in the morning, for enhanced visibility (for other drivers, who complain that the Miata is too small. Jealous types mostly).

They give you a LOT of wiring in this kit, a lot more than you need. I'm not too handy with a soldering iron, so I just wrapped up the excess wire with some electrical tape, and taped it out of the way. The lights use mounting bolts that are already in the car's 'mouth', and are pretty far over into the corners. About as much as you can without drilling, anyway.

All in all, this is a great kit, very cheap, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Its not hard at all to install, and is a great value for the money.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions on the kit!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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17 November, 2000