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Cibie E-Code Lights

[8/9/2001] Reviewed by: Christian LoCascio -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Replacement lights for the M1 cars. I purchased them from They are the model with the holes for city lights, but I didn't install any.

These lights are fantastic. The beam pattern is great. There is a very sharp cut-off, so all of the light actually goes to where you want it, instead of off in all directions like the stock lights. I have also recently changed the stock wattage bulbs to Hella 80/100W bulbs. The bulbs, coupled with the reflectors, turn the night into day.

They are also very easy to aim since the cutoff is so sharp. I haven't had a single person "flash" me with these lights. My brother loves driving behind me at night because he can see the entire road, except for the "little black booger" in front of him.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Cibie E-Code lighting

[5/14/2000] Reviewed by Stuart Jones -

Applicable to '90 - '97

Replacement 7" headlights for M1 popups. Takes H4 bulbs in whatever wattage you want. Can also have optional "city lights".

Cibies give vastly superior to the standard DOT sealed-beam headlights that they replaced. I have the default Cibie bulbs (55w?) that came with the lights as ordered from R-Speed. Low beams put out better lighting patterns than the stock lights did on their high beam settings, IMO. High beams are even better. I've yet to have oncoming drivers flash their beams at me for being too bright.

If I were to buy another M1, this is without a doubt the first thing that I'd do to it. In fact, I'd even go so far as to suggest that E-Code lighting (be it Cibie, Hella, Marchal, whatever) is so superior to the DOT crap that I wouldn't want a car that I couldn't put E-Codes on.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Cibie Headlights

[8/24/99] Reviewed by: Christian LoCascio -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Replacement headlights for the M1's. These are E-Code headlights and come either with or without city lights. You can also use any type of replacement bulb that you like, no like the stock headlights which are sealed.

The previous review (actually an advertisement) is by a guy who works for Aardvark International ( In spite of this, these really are great headlights. The service that I received from them was also first rate. Very friendly and prompt with the shipping.

Installation is very simple, as is the aiming procedure. I chose to use PIAA Superwhite (not at all blue) 60/55W bulbs that are rated as bright as 120/100W. The Cibies are incredible lenses. Much better than Hellas IMHO. I would also highly recommend the PIAA bulbs. Aardvark sells the Cibies lower than anyone else at approx. $52 each. Serious Auto finally lowered their price on these from an ungodly, miata-owner gouging $240/pair down to $110 a pair to compete.

I would highly recommend these lights, bulbs and the folks at Aardvark International (Talbot).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Gunther Hansele -

Cibie European Code Headlamps and Auxiliary Lighting Products

The E-code (European Code) replacemet lights can be quickly installed and offer vastly increased lighting performance. These replace the sealed beam headlights. The H-4 Bulbs are replaceable. Headlight aiming is important. These lights may not be legal in all states. E-code lights are made to fit the Miata (7" round) and the RX7 (200x142mm square) and many other cars. The accessory light called the Airport 35 works well on Miata. They are compact and deliver tons of light. These are available with fog or driving beam. I've installed one of each on my car. There  are also large Rally and Off-road lights which I use on my SCCA Ralley car. These are really   awesome but are pretty big.

Cibie products include E-code replacemt lights, Rally and Off-road products. They are availalbe in the USA and Canada from Cibie USA.. Their website can be found at Tel. 562-699-8887. Address P.O. Box 509 Whittier, CA 90608 USA

Under 5 minutes to remove

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