Duetto Motors Key-Lite

[4/20/2001] Reviewed by: David Boushie - spky69@webtv.net

Applicable to: '99 +

A small black box that adds a 15 second delay to the "dome light". The box also has an additional bulb to be mounted at the ignition.

Installation is mostly in the area under the dashboard. I'm glad that I can still bend like a young man and have small hands. There's not much slack in the courtesy light wiring. Connecting the extra bulb to the wiring form the black box was annoying. There are no type of connection fittings, just two wires that slide into the two wires on the bulb. The wiring from the box is covered in heat shrink rap. I used a hairdryer then liquid electrical tape to keep them from coming apart. Like I said not hard, just annoying.

A good addition to my interior. I would suggest this product. The extra light at night is a plus at the ignition.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: John Frost - yoshimx5@maplecity.com

Small lamp that lights the ignition switch when the doors are opened, and for a short time after they are closed.

The Key-Lite installed exactly as shown in an excellent set of instructions, and the product has yet to fail me in the two months that I have been using it. The instructions are well written and start off by listing each tool that you will need, which I found helpful. The most difficult part of the installation is inserting the male spade connectors to the factory connector that the lamp uses for power. The factory connector is difficult to access and does not have much slack in the wiring to allow it to be pulled it out very far. Small hands or maybe two long, thin pliers would be of great help here. The lamp itself is connected to a small plastic box that contains the timer device. This control box is mounted with zip ties to a bracket behind the center console.

I was thrilled to see that someone marketed this product. I fills one of those voids that the factory should never have created in the first place. You do have to drill a hole in your column cover, so if you want to remove the light, there will be a hole. However, its location and small size will not be noticed.

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