[12/10/2002] Reviewed by: collinchung -

Applicable to: '99 +

xenon gas filled headlight bulbs H4(low beam)

I replaced my 2001 miata with Eurolite 55W H4 bulbs about 3 months after purchacing my car new. At first I was very pleased, but after only 2 months one went out. The next day it started working again, but then the other was out. I eventually found out that the sockets were burnt. I tried to get the dealer to repaire the sockets only, but they said that the part was unavailable and the cost of the full wiring harness for the headlight system was almost $2000. So i got some aftermarket sockets that were suitable at a cost of $45. I am using the stock bulbs again, and so far so good. I recently found out from a number of enthusiasts that the Eurolite bulbs were of poor quality and not too be trusted. I wish I had known that before my ordeal.

Don't buy these bulbs. Not only are they junk, they will fry your sockets and possibly your wiring too! Also don't blindly take the advice of your local dealer.

Under 5 minutes to remove

EuroLamps -- Xenon-Charged Sealed Beam Conversion Kit

[3/14/2002] Reviewed by: Lee Bohon -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

EuroLamps (also called EuroLights, see website have a sealed beam conversion kit for the miata which allows the use of H4 bulbs. The housings are shaped like the standard headlights for the miata, but the H4 bulb is removeable/replaceable.

I ordered my conversion kit with Xenon-Charged bulbs per recommendation from another miata friend. The overall cost w/ shipping and everything was around $90. Installation was really pretty easy. It's pretty much just like changing a standard bulb. The bulbs just plug in, so there are no wiring modifications. The only installation issue I had was that the three lamp "standoffs", which are used to orient the lamp properly, are not quite tall enough. Because of this, the trim ring that secures the lamp into place doesn't tighten against lamp. I easily fixed this problem by raising the mounting spots (on the car, not the lamp housing) by filling in the three little pockets with a 1/2" piece of thick wire (probably about 14gauge) and taping them in place. Anything that is stiff and can build up the pockets by about 1/8" will fix the problem. It really wasn't a hard fix at all, and quite obvious.

Overall, I'm very pleased. They are a bit brighter than the Slyvania XV extra bright bulbs I used to have, but the color of the light is the best part. They are very white. Not so much blue, but white. I didn't want the cheap-o look, and these look just fine.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[3/20/2000] Reviewed by Robert Collazo -

Applicable to '90 - '97

EuroLamps(tm) SBC Kit (sealed beam conversions) they convert the Miata's stock sealed beams to bulb type lighting allowing for the use of widely available H4 bulbs. When ordering you can specify what type of bulb you'd like. I chose their new Xenon-Charged units.

I received my order in 3 days from the day my order was placed (as promised). I have had them installed in my car for just over 3weeks now. I am Very happy with the performance and the lights also look real sharp. The installation was very easy (just like replacing the sealed beams). I would certainly recommend this product to others. I ordered them at

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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