FET Super Beam H4 bulbs

Reviewed by: albert low - Jarn Kong@hotmail.com

This is a high performance H4 bulb which is claimed to be brighter and emitting a white light on any car's headlamp. Comes in many different wattages but the one I used was rated at 90/110Watts. Special feature is, it does not require any modifications to the OEM wiring system and this makes it so simple to upgrade to these bulbs. Comes either as a pair (in a nice plastic case) or as single units (in a blister pack).In Australia, I bought it for AUD 50 for a pair.

My car's headlights were using stock 55/60W bulbs before although the wiring harness was changed to thicker cabling to handle 100W if necessary. Pls don't believe about the "white light " crap that you've been reading cos there's no such thing. Installed, my headlights still appear yellow....no mistake about it. However, they're not as yellow as before. Same thing in my wife's car!!!!! The only noticeable difference is the beam pattern seem to be much WIDER and the field of light (spread) is very evenly distributed over a much wider area. That's all!!!! Don't expect a white light because you're not going to get it!!!!!

Considering the price, I would say it's abit disappointing. I was after a "white light" and this product clearly did not deliver it despite all the hype and marketing hu-hah surrounding it. Your money would be better spent on getting a pair of auxilliary driving lights!!!!

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