Heliolite "Diamond Blue" H4 bulbs

[2/16/2000] Reviewed by Charles Hailey

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These are H4 (high/low) bulbs that I use in the Hella replacement headlights on my M1 miata. They are easy to install, requiring undoing 6 screws per headlight. Note be careful not to undo the two screws that align the headlight

The idea of HID type blue-white light sounded good, but this product puts out very little light. They are no longer on my car.

Advantages These bulbs put out a distinctive bluish light meant to imitate the look of a HID light on high end cars. These lights look very distinctive when looking at the car and attract attention and comments from others. From inside the car, the lights give a distinctively blue cast (nothing white about it). Teenagers will think this is very cool.

 Disadvantages. I bought these in the high power 80/100 Watt size. These lights are put out VERY little light - even less light than the stock OEM headlights. These lights are so dark that I can drive around all night on high beam, and no one notices. I was shocked at how dark these "high power" bulbs were. There is no comparison between these and the 80/100 watt Hella bulbs. I have taken these bulbs out and bought a regular pair of 80/100 Hella bulbs which do an incredible job of lighting up the night.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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