Driving Lights from JC Whitney

Reviewed by: Jerry Shenkman - jerome3@mail.idt.net

Reasonably well made (in Taiwan) halogen projector driving light kit-JC Whitney p/n13LH22224R @ $31.95 + shipping The equivalent fog light kit is offered @ $39.95 p.s. These are in their "sale catalog" but they run the same basic stuff on sale all the time. It may be sacrilage but I have had fairly good luck with their merchandise. Their customer service is another matter.

The trick here is to buy the factory fog light switch (~$46 from Roebuck Mazda) I first removed 2 sheet metal screws and reversed the mounting clamp so that the wires exited from above as I hung the brackets from below the plastic bumper. I used plastic wall anchors and epoxy to hold it. It works but one must be careful to set the brackets straight as the cannot be adjusted to turn horizontally once they are in. The wiring instructions were pretty good. Howevever, all I had to do was to ground both lamps to the body. The green wire was connected and run through the engine compartment and into the dash area via a suitable firewall grommet. I popped the left outermost switch blank on the dash and found the factory wiring connector attached. The green wire from the lights was scotchlocked to (by coincidence) the GREEN wire off the switch.

I have a clean installation that is properly wired and looks and works Like factory. By using the factory switch and wiring, the switch is illuminated and the light work properly with the normal beams, and go off with the high beams. It was worth buying the factory switch even though it cost more than the lights themselves. 

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