MM Marketing Daytime Running Lights

Reviewed by: Brian DuFour -

MM Marketing Daytime Running Lights for use in existing parking light housing.

This light kit is much the same as the "twilight" kits from other companies. The exception is that when I ordered them, I was given the option of purchasing the 5 or 12 watt kit. I opted for the 12 watt kit. Big mistake. Installation was fairly straight forward, especially since the folks at MM sell an "installation" tool for $10. It is nothing more than a hole saw for an electric drill, and costs about what you'd pay at a hardware store. Makes installation a lot easier and if memory serves, you can even send it back for a refund when you are done with it. Better check on that one though. Anyway, installation took about 2 hours and they look great. Problem is that the 12 watt bulbs eventually (2-3 months of sporadic driving) melted the parking light lens! I contact the folks at MM who promptly send me replacement housings. I then went to Auto Zone and bought some 5 watt bulbs. That was a few weeks ago, and no sign of melting yet. For reference, the 5 watt bulbs are the standard looking "peanut

Kudos to the folks at MM for a prompt resolution of the problem.

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