MM Marketing Miata Interior Lights

[1/5/2005] Reviewed by: Michael Bucove -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Rearview Mirror interior light MM product.

The mirror falls down out of position when the car goes over any bump and has to be repositioned.

The idea of the interior light is very good and the instalation was easy. The mirror is somewhat irritating though because of all the readjusting needed to keep it in position. It drives my wife nuts to do so. For this much money, the product should be improved.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[10/28/2004] Reviewed by: Guy Zebrick

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

A set of lamps that install in the factory cut-outs on each side of the console. They illuminate the footwells.

Disappointed. The idea is a good one, but mmmiata does a very poor job with the execution. The problem is the wiring harness is very poor. The wires are too long, and my set came with the wrong connections on one side (should have been female, they were male). In addition, the connection to the wires that go up to the factory light between the sun visors are 'snap-on' splice blocks that you use while hanging upside down under the dash. The problem with these is that they are too big for the small gauge wire that Mazda uses, as a result, mine would not work. - they just didn't piece through the insulation. I wound up using some small wire nuts to splice into the factory wire, and was lucky that I had a couple of extra female terminators to crimp onto the wiring harness for one of the light fixtures.

Whoever makes up their wire sets needs to find a new line of work. I give them a D- for the frustration in having to fix their lousy quality problems. (I had similar problems with their wire harness for the rear marker retrofit kit)I don't think I'll be purchasing from mmmiata.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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5 January, 2005