Moss trunk light kit

Trunk Light from Moss

[10/19/2004] Reviewed by: Harell R. Coley -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Lamp holder with button swith for the trunk.

About nine months.

If you hate standing in motel parking lots with a flashight under your armpit and a bag in each hand or feeling around your dark trunk for the apples you brought home from the store, then here's your solution. The product came with easy to follow directions, all the parts were there, it works like a charm and it's unobtrusive. There is a small chrome pressure/button switch under the inside corner of the trunk lid for which a .25" hole has to be drilled, but even so the whole deal was easy to install and the results have been great. The light wires directly to the battery so there's no fishing ten feet of wire through the car. Great accessory.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Moss Trunk Light Kit (NB)

[3/12/2004] Reviewed by: Sam Snow

Applicable to: '99 +

The kit includes a light, mounting frame, nuts, bolts, zip ties, punger switch, and wiring harness. Tools needed for install are a metric socket set, adjustable wrench, pliers, and nail clippers for cutting the zip ties. You might also want a few more black zip ties, depening on your installtion preferences.

The produce installs well, with no drilling or special skills. The light is in my opinion quite dim, but it does cover the whole trunk and is better than nothing. It is still worth the money and time to install. Maybe a bulb change will increase the light output(?).

Moss includes a 10 amp fuse inline on the wiring harness. This light is such low wattage that for safety a much smaller amperage should be used. Also, the wiring harness could be a slight bit longer and the pin switch of higher quality (and silent). Again though, I am happy I installed the product and am quite happy that there was no drilling or permentant modifications required. Read Anthony Bainer's review as well. His experiance rang true to mine.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[7/8/2001] Reviewed by: Joseph P. Gayan -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Trunk light kit that comes on automatically when the trunk opens. Light fits in the well where the center mounted stop light is.

Took about 30 min. to install. Must drill one hole in right rear corner of trunk sill to mount switch. Very complete kit with great instructions, even tells and shows where to use the (included) tie wraps.

This kit is polarity sensitive. In my rush I hooked the hot lead up to the negative battery terminal by mistake. Stupid me. Once wired properly it worked great. Looks like it came from the factory, can't even tell it's there. I'd do this again in a heartbeat.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[4/26/2000] Reviewed by Dick Wood - 

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Moss Trunk Light Kit

The Moss trunk light kit arrived with all its parts and an excellent set of instructions. I installed it in 20 minutes without any major problems. The unit gives off an adequate amount of light with even distribution throughout the trunk. A great product and a wonderful addition to the car.

The only step I was concerned about was drilling the hole for the switch into my pristine 1990 early production white Miata. Instructions require drilling a 1/4" hole in the right rear corner of the trunk, outside of the rain molding. Actually the hole had to be rounded out a little larger for the switch to fit. I was concerned about water leakage and rusting. I painted the exposed surfaces of the hole with touch up paint, let it dry, then installed the switch, with it's washers as instructed. I painted the outside washer and nut with clear coat, hoping that it would waterproof the switch. Actually, the push button sits inside of a hole in the rubber bumper on the trunk lid corner and forms a rubber seal around it when the trunk is shut. I feel fairly confident that I will not have a problem with water leakage. The final product looks like it is original equipment. Anyone who can drill a hole can install this kit without difficulty.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[2/20/2000] Reviewed by Anthony Bainer -

Applicable to '99 +

This is the Moss Trunk Light kit for the M2 Miata's.

The kit was very simple and easy to install. Installation includes assembling the light unit in a metal bracket and then mounting it with a bolt in an existing hole. Unlike the kit for earlier cars, this one requires NO DRILLING. The switch is a plunger type that mounts to a piece of metal, that also uses existing bolts. Then all that is left is to run the wire to the positive battery terminal, secured with zip ties also included in the kit. (Nice that the battery is in the trunk!) And finally adjust the cutoff switch to 'cutoff'. Unfortunatly, when I installed the kit it was sunny, so I had to wait until dark to verify for certain that the trunk light was indeed shutting off!

Even though the Miata trunk isn't large, I still ended up 'losing' things in the dark, its nice to FINALLY have a little light about. Why is it that when the manufacturer tries to cut costs, usefull, BUT inexpensive things like the trunk light get axed! The only thing I wonder, is if the kit will stand up to test of time, the plunger style switch did seem a little flimsy to me. Everything else though is top notch, brackets are nice and sturdy, wires are long enough with good connectors and insulation. For the $30-$40, I would recommend this kit.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Charl Van Schoick -

Trunk Light By Moss Motors

Relatively easy to install, requires drilling a 3/8" hole for switch. Does not provide great light, but is better than holding a match. Installed 11/98, stopped working 3/99, the switch had rusted.

Not recommended! Save your $25. This thing needs a mercury switch. (which I have installed to replace the rusted one) Now I have to fill up the hole to keep it from rusting! Auto parts retailer's have light units with mercury switch for $10-12.

Reviewed by: Tony Yang -

Designed for the miata, this light kit really lights up the trunk without getting in the way.

Installation was a piece of cake, it took me about 15min to put in these lights. The only part that was hard was drilling the hold to put the light switch.

If you need light in your trunk this is the product for you. Lights up the whole trunk.

Reviewed by: T. Hamer -

Trunk light kit from Moss Motors. I bought it through the Dealer Alternative, whose customer service was excellent: the first kit they sent me was missing some parts and so they immediately sent me a new kit. The kit itself is simple, yet provides for a professional looking installation. The light it provides while not bright, is definitely adequate to find your way around the trunk on a dark night. A great convenience as well as a safety item. If you use it once it's worth the 25 bucks.

Installation tips: only one because it's a pretty simple job. Tap a set hole with a nail in the "bulls eye" before you start drilling or the bit will move and the hole will be off center. OK, another tip, I used touch up paint to conceal the mounting bolt. Also, touch up the hole you drill to conceal the bare metal or it'll rust.

Reviewed by: John D. Boyer -

Moss trunk light kit

Finally, I have a trunk light! It was very easy to install. Wires are completely out of the way and hidden.

BEFORE you start with the installation, make sure you have your radio code. I was able to attached the wire to the battery without disconnecting the cable, just remove and replace the nut and bolt. THerefore, I didn't lose my radio settings or have to use the code.  Also, before you drill the hole for the switch, look at the switch to see which one you have. Mine was only about 3/8 on an inch in diameter. A much smaller hole than the 7/16 spoken of in the instructions. I also put electrical tape around the end of the switch to make sure there would be no shorts if I bumped it with something metal. About 30 minutes to install, including setting the radio code and finding the drill and bits.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Darrell L Dacus -

The light is a "two thumbs up" for Miata's that did not come with a light from the factory (95 and earlier models?). The wiring looks stock and even follows the stock wiring. The light itself tucks away in the trunk lid by the cyclops brake light without any modifications (although the switch is a different story). The directions were very clear and easy to follow.

I did not use the plunger type switch as I refused to drill a 7/8" hole in the drain path of the trunk. Instead I did use a mercury switch from an old thermostat and it works perfectly. Sorry, but I am not an electrician so details are not included as I take on my own responsibilities (just watch how your home heater or A/C turns on and you will soon get the idea). I have also read that you can purchase a '96 trunk latch with a light switch already built in(?). I deffinately recommend this light and Moss Motors (thank you for introducing me to the aftermarket!).

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