Vision Motor Sports Driving Lights

[5/27/2000] Reviewed by Mike Owens -

55 watt Halogen Driving Lights

I was looking for a cheaper version of driving light to satisfy my urge without spending $200. The Vision Motor Sports lights are not widely available, but fit my budget. Installation seemed daunting at first, as I am an electrical novice and the instructions provided are HORRENDOUS! - only a schematic on the outside of the box. So, off to I went and followed the instructions on installing driving lights from the garage section. 1 hour later I winked at my wife and asked if there was anything else she wanted done. I can't thank enough for being such a great resource. The only directions I had to change involved determining which wire under the dash at the factory plug for fog lights was hot - the solid red wasn't it for me. (1996). No Problem. The lights look great, but I haven't actually used them at night...I'll have to send in an update.

Thanks for the instructions, you guys saved me.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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