Apex'i Super AFC - Fuel Computer

[8/19/99] Reviewed by: Stan Mitchem - emerilnut@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

The Super AFC is a special device that alters the Air Flow signal to the ECU and allows you to enrich or lean out the air/fuel mixture at different RPM's and DIFFERENT THROTTLES! What a system! The Super AFC differs from the old AFC because this adds a display option that allows you to see the fuel correction, RPM, airflow, throttle position, and all of this in three modes, inlucding analog. So not only does it give performance gains, but also is a whole new set of gauges.

The Super AFC can adjust the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder based on RPM and throttle. It can correct the fuel flow +/- 50%. And it takes the RPM and throttle settings you decide, and interpolates the rest of the band. The throttle option is the best because now you can tune the fuel between regular driving and aggressive driving. So that extreme fuel corrections don't occur when you're going to the grocery store.

Installation was really easy because the instructions were so clear and straightforward. Thanks to R-Speed for making Miata specific instructions! The wire tapping was easy, and the kit included everything you would need for safe wiring (male/female clips, insulators, etc.)

The Super AFC looks great. It's an attractive Silver box with a bright blue display. I love the display options! Once it's installed you can choose up to 4 channels to display (RPM, airflow, throttle %, intake pressure, +/- correction, etc.) and it can display these channels in different ways: analog, digital, and time graph. It's awesome.

Settings are easy and flexible. You choose the RPM points where the correction occurs. You also get to set the throttles where you want to correct. The display is clear and setting is easy.

The car is GREAT since I installed it. I was trying to run 13 degrees of timing with a supercharger and getting detonation. The Super AFC has helped me get rid of this detonation. Also throttle lag disappears, and the car is much more responsive to my right foot. Just beautiful

I HAVE to give props to R-Speed for the Miata specific instructions. They were SO clear and easy to understand.

I also want to recommend that you pick up an air/fuel ratio meter. This makes the tuning of the car easier because you get an actual real-time look at where your car leans out. And you get an indication as to where to make the corrections.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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