Bel-Ray Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Reviewed by: Jim Guidry -

Dot 4 Brake Fluid - Motorcycle Grade Brake Fluid - Price:About 5 bucks

My white '92 sat on the lot for an entire year before coming home to live with me, so I immediately changed all fluids. When I drained the brake lines, the fluid was a cloudy brown. On the next two yearly changes, (I live on the HUMID Gulf Coast!), I used Castrol GT Brake Fluid. Same yucky brown fluid sucked out of the brake lines. So, in 1995, journied to my local motorcycle shop and bought Bel-Ray Super Dot 4. (Being a former two-wheeler, I have used their products before.) It seems motorcycle products are usually formulated a little tougher the over the counter automotive stuff. After one year and 10K miles, the fluid looks new! No discoloration, no apparent water absorbsion. Looks better under the hood, too! The clutch got the same treatment. The only reason I changed the fluids after a year was the inevitable water that brake fluid absorbs from the air. It sure didn't look like it needed it!

Besides appearance, I don't know how to determine the performance of brake fluid. But it sure seems to stay MUCH cleaner and more clear. That has to be a GOOD THING!

BTW: I use a Mity-Vac to flush lines, a must! Wal-mart carries it for $21.99.

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