Blitz SBC boost control

[4/4/2000] Reviewed by Chris Rummel -

Applicable to '90 - '97

a quality electronic boost controller made by Blitz of Japan. Controlles boost of a turbocharger, by regulating the boost actuator signal by using a selnoid.

I got the Blitz boost controller to regulate the boost on my BEGI turbo, glad I did too, because it makes controlling the boost from inside the cockpit, as easy as turning a knob. I was looking for a way to control the boost without having to use washers as shims behind the actuator on the turbo, I thought of using a boost control knob,but if you make the lines going to one too long by going much more then 6 inches you can get boost spikes, so in order to have that control inside the car, you need to have an electronic controller. I got the Blitz because it was the cheaper then the HKS while offering all the same features.

When I got the unit, all the instructions are in Japanese, but the pictures are very good in explaining the install, so I had no problem. I mounted the unit under the radio in my car. The part that you use to control the boost is small, about the size of a pager. It has 2 knobs so you can have one low setting and one high. I was going to use the off setting to run 6psi and the low 7 and hi at 8. but then I read that these units monitor the boost and one of the best things about them is that they keep the wastegate closed compleately until the desired boost is acheaved, this makes the boost build faster. so I'm going to make the low setting 6psi and leave it on all the time. The unit looks great works great and controls the boost very precisely from inside the car, at the push of a button. If you like to adjust the boost on your turbo, I highly recommend this unit.



Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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