Directhits ignition

[4/11/2004] Reviewed by: fabian -

Applicable to: '99 +

Spark amplifiers fit on top of included non-resistor type spark plugs and includes magstar plug wires

Ii realy took a gamble with this product at nearly 180.00 and well im slightly less than satisfied. i did notice a slight increas in milage and torque but the increase was was not propotional to the price. the tool included that is used to screw the amplifiers to the plugs shartered with almost no effort making the instilation of the last amplifier somewhat chalanging. also the special "non-resistor type sparkplugs were simply bosh supers. not only am i not a fan of bosh spark plugs but these are there cheapist line.

If you are trying to squeez all the power you can out of a naturaly asperated miata you might want to buy them but i would not recomend then to everyone. for the price you could get a cold air intake or exhust component for around the same price and get a much more noticable increase in performance

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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