Jackson Racing Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

Reviewed by: Todd Cruz - Todd_Cruz@ccmail.atlas.com

Brake rotors with holes drilled in them.

I purchased the crossed drilled brake rotor to help with brake fade I have in my 92 Miata. I live on a large hill and going down at a fast stop and go pace caused my brakes to fade big time. They in with little fuss and seem to have resolved some of the problems. They make a funny whistle sound when you apply the brake, but I think it's cool sounding. As for cost, I found them to be a bit on the expensive side. Cost was around $250 for the front and another $250 for the rear. Total, It cost me almost $600 for this option (I had to have all 4 turned as recommended by some brake experts). However, I have only so much money to spend on my car, and I hate to spend money to just make my car look good. I would rather spend the money on parts that have a performance impact. That is where these brake come in. Not only do they increase braking performance, but they look real COOL!! If you have a nice set of wheels with an open pattern where your rotors are very visible, this is the ticket for both a performance and aesthetic improvement.

Nice, but they cost a few pennys

Reviewed by: Jim Heintze - jheintz@american.edu

The Cross-drilled rotors (front and back) with pads.

An excellent product, highly recommended. Brakes are very responsive and provides extra security for wet-weather driving.

I decided to order both front and back rotors and have my mechanic do the work. If you choose not to do the work, be sure that you find a mechanic that familiar with this kind of work and preferably has experience. Ask first! Jackson racing was very helpful. They shipped the rotars promptly and were available to answer any questions that I had. I decided to have installed at the same time the Jackson stainless steel brake lines (front and back) so that the brake package was complete. An important tip to remember: be sure not to over-tighten wheel lug bolts as this might cause the rotars to warp. Turn to the Miata Enthusiasts Guide for a correct torque setting. Also if you decide to buy new tires or simply to rotate them, you may want to do it youself. Tire dealers may not be willing or eager to make exceptions in the way they put tires on. I plan to have my tires mounted on the rims and I will install them on my car. I also plan on buying an extra set of brake pads to have when I need to make a replacement.