KVR Carbon pads and Brembo crossdrilled Rotors

Reviewed by: Mark Orr - mjorr@netscape.net   [8/7/99]

Brakes - Rotors, and pads

Needed new pads (had the OEMs for the last 5 years) so I decided to do a complete rotor/pad  swap as there was a slight brake judder in the front. I ordered a set of cross drilled rotors and  carbon pads from KVR Performance for an addition CDN $15/rotor, you can also have them  CAD plated so they will not rust....so, the whole shooting match cost me about CDN $ 350 + tax There's lots of info about installing brakes, but suffice to say I'm very satisfied with the product.  I haven't had to really jam on my brakes yet, but less pedal pressure is required with these brakes   and they have a nice feel to them. Very predictable.

KVR can be reached at 1800-636-0854.  The cad plated rotors looked beautiful and I have about 1, 000km on the set and the cad plating is holding up. Its only supposed to protect the non-friction surfaces. Good product, excellent   service and a good choice for Canadian Miata owners that refuse to pay that EXORBITANT UPS Brokerage fee.(WHEW What a bloody ripoff) !!

Recommended product, high quality, prompt service.

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