MAX-5 Lightened Flywheel 1.8L

Reviewed by: Raj Gandhi -

Max-5 Lightened Flywheel for the 1.8L Miata. Approximately 8.3 lbs compared to the stock weight of 23 lbs. Made of Billet Aluminum.

I found this product to be excellent. Your engine revs up much more easily. It is almost seems like a motorcycle engine. You stomp on the gas and you hit the rev limiter before you know it. I did find it a bit hard to get used to when I first installed it along with the Max-5 clutch. A little more pressure on the accelerator is required to get the car moving slowly. Once it is moving and you punch it, you fly through the gears much quicker. This flywheel helped me to reach a low quarter mile time of 14.2 @ 95 mph. I also had a personal best 60 foot time of 1.94. I am almost postive that it was the flywheel that allowed me to break into the sub 2 second 60 foot times.

This product can be purchased at Performance Buyers Club. I highly suggest buying the combination package which includes the Max-5 clutch. It also saves you fifty buck. Overall: excellent product for increased speed.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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