Mazda OEM ignition plugs and wires

Reviewed by: Anonymous

The original plugs and wires, or the replacements sold by Mazda.

Very good.

Besides my Miata, I have owned several sports cars, and like everyone else, I, too am constantly searching for more HP for less $. I am here to "plug" the stock parts (NGK, etc.) because of my experience. It is to your advantage to stick to stock plugs and wires unless you modify other parts. Sports cars, unless they are the garbage that Detroit builds, are the result of many years of research and development. The Miata is a great example. The engineers literally squeezed out every ounce of weight possible and squeezed in every bit of power possible. After all of that research and development, you want to go and mistrust their judgement on spark plugs and wires? If Mazda knew of a way to get more HP for the least amount of money though plugs and wires, they would certainly have used it. Just look at what they did spend a little extra money on to make the car better and lighter. I have always used stock parts on the Miata, and they have never let me down. Anytime I tried to deviate to parts that claim better performance I have always been let down. If you modify your engine, then by all means use whatever works best, but if you use your Miata to get where you need to go everyday, use stock plugs and wires. See you on the road. I'm the one in the red Miata.

(Editor's Note: We normally don't publish product reviews like this when the writer requests anonymity. And we never editorialize them. However we got a good laugh out of this and we felt we had to share it. Either this guy doesn't really own a Miata with "stock wires" or he has only had it for a very short time. After all, it's common knowledge that the factory ignition wires are probably the weakest part in the entire car.)

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