Performance Buyers Club Max-5 Oil Pressure Sender Upgrade

[5/9/2004] Reviewed by: Mark Haflich -

Applicable to: '99 +

Replacement Oil Pressure Sender. Replaces the idiot light type oil pressure sender (your post 1994 Miata has a woirking oil pressure meter that functions just like an on/off idiot oil pressure light because of the on/off type sender installed by Mazda. This replacement sender makes the guyage work like a normal linear guage whose meter goes up and down in relation to the oil pressure.

Works like a champ. No leaks.

I finally replaced my 1994 M edition with a low mileage 2001 LE. I couldn't stand having an idiot type light oil pressure meter. For $109, Pewrformance Buyers Club in Chantilly, VA, has a replacement oil pressure sender which makes your oil pressure guasge function like a normal oil pressure guage. Once it is installed, the oil pressure needle on the guage needs to be reset by pulling it off and repositioning it. Install to Performace Buyers Club 1 hour ($75). If you are handy, I am not, you can install it yourself in about 1 1/2 hours. This is a fuly finished kit. No adapters needed. Just remove the old one, install the new one, pull of the plastic guage cluster front, reposition the needle, and reinstall the plastic cluster front. Good time to install metal trim rings on the three small guages and metal guage hub needles if you want. Highly recommended. I am still an idiot, but my idiot guage is no longer.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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