PBC Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Reviewed by: Robert Allen - wolverines@worldnet.att.net

Kit to relocate the oil filter from the engine block to the passenger side firewall in the engine compartment. You get two aluminum castings with top quality Aeroquip AN (Army Navy) fittings; 1 to fit where the filter was, the the other that the relocated filter screws onto. You also get two custom Aeroquip high pressure, heavy duty hoses with crimped on AN fittings. AN fittings are excellent fittings uses for things like this, as well as in aeroplanes, etc.

Supplied instructions are very good. You'll need a 21/64" drill bit, a 14mm socket, and a 7/8" open end wrench (making this the only non metric part on a Miata). Trust me, buy the wrench, don't try to use an adjustable wrench; there's no room. Installation will take 2-3 hours depending on your skill and if you have to go out and buy the 7/8" wrench halfway through the job. Be VERY sure you have the car solid on the 4 jackstands before going under it. I've known people who were killed when a car supported by just a jack fell on them. Don't be stupid.

To install, put the car up on 4 jackstands, drain the oil and remove the old filter. Remove the plastic splash tray under the car (10 10mm bolts). Use the 14mm socket to remove the intake manifold brace. Now you can see the oil cooler mount where the filter screws to the engine block. Screw on the block adaptor fitting after lubing the O ring. Make it tight and make sure it and the hoses will clear the brace when you put it back on later. Then locate and drill the holes in the firewall the mount the other casting where the filter screws to. Mess with the hoses and make sure you get them all mounted correctly, then tighten them down. Put the filter on and refill the motor with oil. Then start the engine and watch for leaks and makre sure you have oil pressure. Oh yeah, don't forget to reinstall the manifold brace. Read the supplied instructions carefully.

Your wrist, or your local Oil Changer dude will thank you when you are able to change oil filters without getting 2nd degree burns on your wrist. This kit is very worthwhile if you regularly change your oil & filter (as you should).

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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