Porterfield R4E Brake Pads

[1/9/2005] Reviewed by: Stewart Miles

Applicable to: '90 - '97

High performance brake pads fitted on a 2wd non-turbo Dodge/Mitsubishi Stealth/3000gt.

I fitted these a front and rear set of these pads with Brembo slotted vented rotors about 5 months ago. The braking performance of these pads is totally amazing, so much so that I sometimes feel like the chassis of the car is going to rip off underneath me. However, the squeal, the noise is horrible. The squeal doesn't even diminish as the pads warm up! Also, these pads really chuck out a heap of dust. The dust doesn't bother me too much as I have the car cleaned reasonably often. If you want to drive about and not have people looking at you funny when you brake, don't get these pads!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Porterfield R4-S pads

[4/27/2002] Reviewed by: Marcus Randolph - purrfek1@aol.com

Applicable to:

Carbon Fiber Street Pads

I placed these on my 1995 Mazda Millenia approx. 24 months ago.

I drive a Mazda Millenia. These brake pads stop the car so much better than the stock pads, there is little comparison to be made. Between these pads, x-drilled rotors, Goodridge stainless lines, and Eibach springs (All done at the same time)the car can stop 20 to 30 feet faster from 60 mph than stock. Fade has been non existent as well as a trip down the montain at a good pace did not cause problems at all. I would recommend these for any car, and can only imagine how much they would help a car as light as a Miata. I know, I am switching my Nissan Sentra to these from axxis metal masters this summer. They are expensive, but that pain only lasted a little while. Happy Motoring

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

PorterField pads and flyin miata Stainless lines

[12/24/2000] Reviewed by: Ian - Tourette01@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

That Pads looked to be of good quality not much you can really tell by looking at them. As for the lines i was impressed with them when i first pulled them out of the box. They had a nice plastic shield around the Stainless line that looked to be of great quality. However the bolts supplied were made of much cheaper metal then the factor bolts, and i striped one of the supplied bolts with easy so i replaced all my bolts with the factor bolts.

The brakes feel very good they definitely have more bite now then my previous carbontechs but they lock up really easily now which was a disappointment. the carbon techs would take a lot of pressure before a lock up and now these it doesn't take much at all.

The car stops on a dime now but you really have to be paying close attention to the your brake pressure to make them work well.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

PorterField pads

[10/29/2000] Reviewed by Lee Taylor - rx-7@home.com

Applicable to '99 +

sport brake pads front and rear

These have been great so far. Not a lot of dust, no squealing noise when they are cold. Haven't had them on the track yet but I am sure they will perform very well. Have done some "spirited" driving on the street and they haven't faded at all yet.

Very good pad for the street anf hopefully the track.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Porterfield R4 brake pads

[6/29/2000] Reviewed by John Magnuson - turvovo@aol.com

Applicable to 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Porterfield brake pads. A high performance brake pad.

I switched to Porterfield brake pads after being very disappointed with the performance of my VGX brake pads. It took 15 minutes to change the pads and the difference was incredible. I can now make dozens of hard stops with no fade. The VGX pads (which were a little worse than OEM pads) faded after 2 or three hard stops.

Highly recommended. Try these before upgrading to larger brakes. They are very fade resistant. Smooth quiet operation too. Pedal feel is a bit harder.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[5/14/2000] Reviewed by Stuart Jones - stu@carolina.rr.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 +

Replacement brake pads for all Miatas, street application

In cold conditions, you might never tell these pads apart from the stock units. That's a good thing. When they get warm, though, they are an impressive upgrade from stock, offering both way better braking force and longer fade resistance. Modulation is very easy, as the pads give a very linear response. At temperature, these pads do give the car a whole lot more dive under braking compared to the stock pads, but the increased stopping power makes up for that in my mind. Some people have reported that the pads tend to "crumble" on the track; I didn't notice this after running the car for four 40 minute sessions at a recent track day, but the track was fairly friendly on brakes. YMMV. While there are pads that will do better on the track (and if you're willing to keep them warm, on the street), the R4-S seem to be a really good solution for the average double-duty (street/track) car. Expensive, but worth it.

You'll have to get used to the dusting; spokes of my factory alloys are fairly sodden with dust within a week of "normal" (to me, but perhaps not to more sedate drivers) driving. I don't have much problem with squeaking, but they *do* squeak every now and then in slow, creeping stops.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[8/26/99] Reviewed by: Eric S. Mashburn - emashburn@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Porterfield Street Brake Pads, front and rear.

Bought through Dealer's Alternative prior to recent trip to the Gap. Had them installed by my local mechanic, along with a set of steel brake lines. Followed the break-in instructions that came with the pads. Took about 20 mins and consisted of a series of hard stops from 25 mph, enough to get the pads plenty hot. You let them cool down and you're good to go. Since installation, the pads have worked wonderfully. I have no squeal and little dust. Braking force is much greater than stock. In fact, I have to be a little careful not to lock the wheels under hard braking since I do not have ABS. With the steel lines, however, it is easy to modulate the brakes close to the edge of lockup and the pads will haul you down very quickly. I consider these pads to be a very worthwhile improvement to the safety and fun of my Miata.

I would recommend these pads to Miata owners based on my experience. I have no reservations or negative experience, other than "they ain't cheap."

Over 30 minutes to remove completely


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