Repco Metal Master Brake Pads

Reviewed by: James Flynn -

Replacement metallic brake pads for 1990 Miata.

The Metal Master brake pads are the same size as the stock, organic pads. The cost for the complete set (all 4 wheels) was $65, including shipping - significantly cheaper than the stock pads. Installation is the same as with the stock pads, however; once on the car, they need to be broken in. The break-in involves accelerating to about 35mph or so and then slowing to a 5mph "rolling stop". This procedure is repeated at least 10 times, consecutively, with each stop being a little more abrupt than the last. The purpose of this exercise is to heat up the pads in order to assure a better fit against the disc. I tried the Metal Masters on a supercharged Miata at the long course at Sebring Race Track. The new Metal Masters and Motul brake fluid did not fade in the 125 mph to 30 mph braking zones, and the wheels remained relatively clean and dust-free. On the street, a slight increase in pedal pressure is noted under normal driving conditions. If outside air temperature is below 20 degrees (F), the brakes seem unresponsive and difficult to modulate. If you drive your Miata in a northern winter climate, you probably want to stick with the stock brake pads.

Summary: Great price; strong performance under demanding conditions; almost dust-free wheels; unresponsive cold weather performance.