Rotex Gold Break Pads

Reviewed by: Matt Nicholson -

Metallic break pads, similar to Repco/Axxis MetalMasters

Installed on a 95 R-package. Also have them on a '91 Eclipse.

I have been very pleased with the Rotex pads. Unlike most high performace pads, these work very well when cold. My first experience with these pads was on my '91 Eclipse that I autocross. With some Super Blue racing fluid, it was a major improvement over the stock pads. I installed a set on my wife's R package (which she autocrosses too!) and they are much better than stock pads. I have not track tested them yet, so I can't speculate about fade from 100 mph. I do know that on a normal autocross course they will stop on a dime and leave a nickel change. I found some for about $80 for front and rear. Took about 2 hours to remove the stock pads, install the new pads, and change the fluid. They should last at least 30-40,000 miles. I highly recommend these pads for anyone looking for better stopping on the street or autocross course.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely


This is a follow up to the review I did some time ago about Rotex Gold brake pads.

This past June, my wife and I did our first track schools. I went to Roebling Road and she
went to Watkins Glen. I had installed the Rotex pads some time ago on my car (91 Eclipse)
and this past winter on her Miata. I still believe they are fantastic street/autocross pads. They
are not, however, the hot ticket for track driving. The Miata's brakes faded. Badly. My brakes
also faded with the pedal becoming very spongy (with stainless steel lines and fresh fluid).
I had recommended the pads to a friend with an Integra GS-R. He had the same experience
at Summit Point's Jefferson Circuit. So, if you want a good street/autocross pad, you get great bang for
the buck with the Rotex. If track driving is in your future, look elsewhere. I plan to try the
Carbotech Panther pads next, as I've heard good things about them.

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