R-speed performance spark plug wire set w/ fire braided shielding 8mm

[6/15/2005] Reviewed by: david p glass - coldwarrior1@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

r-speed performance spark plug wire set w/ fire braided shielding 8mm red with black boots part # 100-005 http://www.rspeed.net/

installed at 42k miles with champion spark plugs to replace original ngk wires and spark plugs on a 99 white unmodified miata. went on in no time, easy install. they even come with di-electric silicone for the boots, nice touch.

much better power and throttle over the oem items that had 42k on them. i went on a 100 mile trip after installing them and am very happy with both the price and perfomance. i will purchase from r-speed again. i just wish they weren't red; blue or black would have been my choice.

Under 5 minutes to remove

RSpeed Miata Wire Set For Coil Over Plugs Fire Braided Shielding 2001-2005

[3/29/2005] Reviewed by: Chris Patton - Madcap@cableone.net

Applicable to: 1.8 liter

High Preformance 8mm Braided Ignition Wire Set

These are the first set of wires for the 01+ that I have found that where NOT OEM replacements. They seem to have a stronger/steadier pull throught the RPMS, but I could be wrong. They look and feel much better quality then the OEM and still fit into the combs. Highly Recommended for thoes with an 01-05.

Perfect fit, easy install, great price (half of stock replacements), and better preformance. What more could you ask for.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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31 July, 2005