Product of the Month - March, 1997

Butterfly Luggage

7 Piece Fitted Set

The Miata is all about freedom. The wind in your hair, the melodious exhaust note, the frequent desire to just jump in, fire it up, and go. But if there's one common complaint which comes from the more practical-minded - its about the lack of storage space. This can interfere with your freedom since you have to spend your time planning instead of just going. Most standard sized luggage just won't fit into the Miata's minuscule trunk. And when you do manage to fit a piece in, it breaks up the space in such a way that just about nothing else will fit without lots of improvisation.

While there's one alternative which is to just forget about luggage altogether and stuff your clothes and personal items directly into the trunk - this could get a bit embarrassing when you pull up to the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill and the bellman, after admiring your shiny roadster, reaches into your trunk and pulls out your "unmentionables" for the world to see. Definitely unacceptable for the reasonably well-heeled. Then there's my friend Lester, whose wife actually ships her luggage to their destination and ships the dirty laundry home via Federal Express. Not exactly my idea of convenience.

The answer to this dilemma is a set of Butterfly Luggage. This seven piece set was custom designed for the Miata trunk by Miata Enthusiast P.J. Morris of Arlington, Texas. Early in her Miata-owning experience, P.J. recognized the need to optimize the use of the little nooks and crannies in the Miata's "rear glove box". She proceeded to design seven travel bags - each one carefully planned to fit into a specific place. (It comes with photos so you know where everything goes!)

The Bags...

  1. The first bag fits in the well in the center of the trunk. A bit of care has to be taken when packing this one as a corner must slide under the portion of the spare tire that hangs over the well. I generally pack this one with slacks or other flat items.
  2. Next comes a bag that fits on the left side of the trunk on the little "shelf" above the jack. The top is rounded to conform to the inside of the fender. This one is quite large and at the same time protects the inside of the fender from dings. I've actually used this bag by itself as an overnighter.
  3. The round bag fits neatly into the center of the spare tire. I keep this one in the car at all times holding loose items in the trunk like a tire gauge, spare nylon jacket, towels, CB radio, and some other odds and ends.
  4. Bag number 4 is also large, although not quite as large as number 3. It fits immediately to the right of bag 3 and above bag 1. This is a traditionally shaped, rectangular bag which is about the size of an airline carry-on bag. It can also be used as one!
  5. Bag 5 is an ideal toiletry bag. Well, it is for me. My wife would probably prefer bag 4 for toiletries. It can be placed vertically next to the battery.
  6. Bag 6 is an open-topped tote bag. We generally pack it with a couple of pairs of shoes, a hair dryer, and an extra sweater. The tote fits (although somewhat awkwardly) in the space that's left over after putting in the first 5.
  7. Bag 7 is a full sized garment bag! It folds in half and then can be lain across the top of the whole mess!

All bags are well constructed of a heavy nylon. They come in red and blue in addition to black. The Butterfly set is the best travel accessory you can buy for your Miata. No more struggling to figure out what will fit and what won't. Essentially, if it fits in the luggage, it'll fit in the trunk!


Butterfly Luggage
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7 Piece Fitted Luggage Set
Available in Black, Blue, or Red

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