Product of the Month - May '97

Jeff Anderson's Radio Service

Ever think about replacing the factory stereo system with something that has a bit more power? Ever get frustrated trying to get a bit of volume out of those headrest speakers? Ever try upgrading to aftermarket headrest speakers, only to be disappointed?

Jeff Anderson did too, so he did something about it. Jeff likes to tinker - he designed all sorts of convenient little gadgets for his Miata. Power locks on his glove box and center console, a console outlet to plug in his CB, lights inside the center console, a lighted rear deck, and countless other handy modifications. Jeff also decided to figure out the problem with the stock stereo.

What does Jeff do?

After shipping your radio to him, he'll take it apart and replace some of those electronic doodads that all look alike. He says he changes the radio's "filter" which alters the frequency response on the output amplifiers. Personally, I couldn't even see a filter on my radio. Heck - it doesn't even have a fan! While he's under the hood, he'll also take care of the little problem that most Miata stock radios have that causes them to fail to turn on in humid conditions. If he happens to notice any burnt out bulbs, he'll also replace those at a minimal cost.

What is the result?

Completely new sound! You'll think you bought a new head unit. The output levels on the headrest are much higher which makes them come alive. Instead of cranking the level all the way up on the headrest just to hear a little sound, you'll find yourself turning it down so you don't overwhelm the door speakers. And this is with the factory headrest speakers!

What must you do?

For starters, you need to contact Jeff to schedule a time for him to do the work. Ever since Jeff starting fixing Miata radios, he's had a steady stream of them coming in. Next, you'll need to remove your radio head unit from the console. This isn't difficult, but it does take some time if you've never done it. (You'll also be radio-less for about a week, depending on shipping time.) Then you ship your radio off to Jeff.

Another thing Jeff will help you work out is the miswiring of the stock Miata headrest speaker harness. Nearly every Miata from the factory has wiring errors in the harness. With Jeff's instructions, you'll be able to repair the harness and extract the maximum your stereo is capable of delivering!

If you've been thinking about upgrading your stereo, but you don't want to bother with adapter kits, new wiring, and the high cost, the best thing you can do is contact Jeff Anderson and take the first step toward better sound from your stock stereo!

  Suggested Retail Price
Jeff Anderson's Radio Mod $49 + shipping

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13 August, 2001